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Sampling & Monitoring

Landfill Biodegradable Bailer

Landfill Biodegradable - Responsible use of Disposable Plastic

The BioBailer™ is a quick and easy way to sample groundwater. Simply lower the bailer into your well and it fills with water as it submerses. When you pull up to retrieve the bailer the check-valve closes, trapping approximately 1L of water inside.


  • Available in clear PVC or weighted PE (polyethylene)
  • Lab tested and verified
  • Only starts to biodegrade* when discarded in a landfill
  • Sealed in biodegradable* packaging for cleanliness
  • Comes with a free biodegradable* emptying device
  • VOC removal devices available. These enable a smooth laminar flow of sample out of the bailer and into your VOC vials
  • Filter directly from a BioBailer™ with the FCP16 Filter Connectors and AquaPore Biodegradable Filter (see pic.3 left)
  • Standard BioBailers™ are 38mm diameter for standard 50mm monitoring wells
  • Narrow BioBailers™ (19mm) are ideal for small diameter wells
  • Hydrocarbon only Biobailer™ makes sampling LNAPL / PSH easy
  • Other plastic bailers can take up to 500 years to decompose in a landfill**
  • BioBailers™ will biodegrade to form humus (plant food). Estimated to take around 5 years in a typical landfill*


*Biodegradation has been verified by independent laboratory using ASTM D5511 for anaerobic landfill conditions.

** Source

BioBailers™ are made from landfill-biodegradable* PVC, and will only start to biodegrade once in a microbe rich environment such as a landfill.
They do not require high oxygen or temperature to biodegrade such as in a commercial compost.
Achieve the same groundwater sampling integrity as non-biodegradable bailers but more responsibly.

Need to sample LNAPL / PSH?
The easiest and most cost effective way is with the Hydrocarbon only or HC BioBailers.
HC BioBailers™ allow you to collect floating LNAPL / PSH from a well, without collecting water.
The ball valve is denser than LNAPL but lighter than water so it pushes water out of the bailer while keeping the LNAPL. These bailers also have a wider mouth than regular bailers, allowing you to collect more LNAPL with each bail. Like all Biobailers™ they are landfill-biodegradable.

BB153 BioBailer™, PVC, biodegradable, 38mm x 914mm, case of 24
BB153BW BioBailer™, Polyethylene, Weighted, biodegradable, 38mm x 914mm, case of 24 (PE bailers are also recyclable)
BB703 Narrow BioBailer™, PVC, biodegradable, 19mm x 914mm, case of 24
BB153H Hydrocarbon Only Biobailer™, PVC, biodegradable, 38mm x 914mm, case of 24, for sampling PSH / LNAPL
BBSED VOC Removal Device, Polyethylene, Box of 24, biodegradable