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Clean up your site with these landfill-biodegradable garbage bags

Landfill Biodegradable - Responsible use of Disposable Plastic

  • Once used and discarded to a landfill these bags will be consumed by bacteria and biodegrade away
  • An Eco-Green bag is a much better choice for general waste than a non-biodegradable bag. This is because the non-biodegradable bag acts like a barrier and prevents microorganisms from entering and breaking down the contents of the bag
  • Worldwide billions of plastic bags are discarded to landfills each year where they will unfortunately remain for hundreds of years. We can prevent this problem from getting worse by using landfill-biodegradable bags. If we all switched to using landfill-biodegradable plastic bags such as the Eco-Green Garbage Bags, it would ensure the bags are gone and not left for future generations to deal with
  • Eco-Green Bags will not start to biodegrade when they are not being used. It is only when they are discarded to a landfill where microorganisms are present that the bags will then start to be digested and biodegrade away

Eco-Green Garbage Bags have the same special additive that is present in the BioBailers, BioLiners, and BioTubing, and so have been specially engineered to biodegrade once discarded to a landfill. They do not require high oxygen or temperature for biodegradation to occur (i.e. they are not required to be sent to a commercial compost), and can therefore be disposed with your other waste.
The Eco-Green bags are extremely versatile and can be used as a bin liner or to keep equipment clean and protected on site.

*Biodegradation has been verified by independent laboratory using ASTM D5511 for anaerobic landfill conditions.

ES33085 Eco-Green Garbage bags, ctn of 100, green, 125L