• Forte Nondo Well Cover
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A high quality cast iron well cover with a sealed design

The Nondo series of well covers are designed to keep your well water tight, so no surface water can enter the well through the bolt holes. The Forte Nondo has a cast iron base and lid, with a recycled plastic skirt and is designed to meet load bearing requirements for traffic suitability according to Australian Standard AS3996 Class E.


  • 3 counter-sunk flush bolts give a more even compression on the o-ring and help prevent the risk of trip hazards, as there are no protruding bolt heads
  • Bolt holes and bolts are situated outside the o-ring so surface water cannot enter through bolt holes. This prevents the build up of water on top of the well cap (see pic.4 left).
  • High strength and high quality machine die cast, ductile iron / speroidal graphite.
  • Large internal opening 132mm
  • Well ID tag on the underside of lid where information can be written (see pic below)
  • Compatible with Nondo Safety Lifter (see demonstration video below)

Nondo Well ID Tags:
An aluminium plate is on the underside of each lid with enough space to write information such as: Well ID, Depth to Screen, Total Depth.


Nondo Safety Lifter:
The Nondo Safety Lifter / Multi Tool enables a safe way to remove our steel well cover lids, and comes with 3 different Allen Key sizes.

Click image below to launch video:

The Forte Nondo well cover is made from SG cast iron and recycled plastic, and is suitable for 50mm or 100mm wells. The unique 3 bolt design enables the bolt holes and bolts to be situated outside the o-ring ensuring that surface water run-off does not enter through these holes.
A large 132mm ID gives plenty of room in the well head for hands & instrumentation.


Material SG ductile cast iron lid & base
Skirt Heavy duty plastic made with recycled material, fixed to base with 304 stainless steel rivets
Weight 5kg
OD 207mm
ID 150mm skirt ID, 132mm opening on collar (collar length = 27mm)
Skirt length 200mm
Bolts M12 countersunk stainless steel, uses 8mm hex allen key
Load Rating AS3996 Class E

NondoFT: Forte Nondo steel well cover, sg steel lid and base, recycled plastic skirt, 207mm OD, 132mm ID, AS3996 Class D load rating for traffic use. 3 flush countersunk bolts, oring inside bolt holes, uses 8mm hex