Low-Cost Water Level Meter

The C-Dipper is a low cost electronic water level meter with a rugged design.
It has a 16mm stainless steel probe which sends a signal up to the meter when it detects water. This triggers an audible alarm and LED light on the reel. The reel has a rugged steel frame & flange, giving it a much longer life than plastic reels. A soft rubber carry handle and locking loop are also featured on the C-Dipper.


  • Tape lengths of 30m, 50m, 100m +
  • Polyethylene covered precision metal tape
  • Tape graduated in mm
  • Rugged all steel frame
  • Audible alarm & LED light when probe contacts water
  • Powered by standard 9V battery
  • Battery test button & On/Off Switch
  • Standard 16mm diameter probe
  • Locking loop stops reel from rotating during transportation
  • Convenient rubber carry handle
  • Tape Runner included (see below)

Tape Runner (grey plastic insert) is included with each new C-Dipper Meter. Protects the tape from possible sharp edges on the well casing.
*Note: Tape Runner is for 50mm PN18 wells only

Optional carry bag available.  


The C-Dipper is a low cost, yet rugged water level meter ideal for gauging groundwater monitoring wells prior to sampling.
A rugged steel reel gives the C-Dipper a solid construction. The locking loop stops the drum from rotating during transport, and the solid steel probe holder protects the probe when it is not being used.
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CDip-50B C-Dipper water level meter, 50m tape (9.8mm diameter), mm graduations, 16mm probe, rugged steel reel
CDip100-B C-Dipper water level meter, 100m tape (9.8mm diameter), mm graduations, 16mm probe, rugged steel reel
CDip200-B C-Dipper water level meter, 200m tape (9.8mm diameter), mm graduations, 16mm probe, rugged steel reel
BC00264 Carry bag for C-Dipper, not padded