Groundwater Sampling:



Biodegradable tubing for groundwater sampling, including bonded tubing for low-flow sampling.


Rapid Reel

Tubing box dispenser for twin-bonded biodegradable tubing.


Biodegradable Bladders

These concertina style pump bladders are designed for low-flow groundwater sampling and are biodegradable.


Biodegradable Bailers for groundwater sampling.


AquaPore - Biodegradable Filter

High capacity 0.45u inline filter, and landfill biodegradable. A world first!

Waterra Footvalves

Simple and reliable groundwater sampling


Sleeve Sampler

Discrete Interval, No Purge Groundwater Sampler

Green-Dex Nitrile Gloves

The world's first biodegradable nitrile gloves

Whale Sampling Pumps

Super Purger and Mega Purger 12V groundwater sampling pumps

Decon 90

Biodegradable surface cleaning concentrate. Ideal for decontamination between sampling locations

Stainless Steel Bailer

Reusable bailer for sampling or well development


Soil Sampling:



Sustainable Soil Sampling! These tough liners are made landfill biodegradable.

Core Trays:

Tough core sample trays with some great features

AMS Hand Augers

Versatile augers with a range of options to suit all soil types


Vapour Sampling:


Soil Vapour Implants

An accurate and economical way to sample soil vapour.

Sub Slab Vapour Pins

For vapour sampling beneath a concrete slab. *Not sold outside Australia

FEP / PTFE Tubing

Clear FEP for soil vapour or white PTFE available for groundwater sampling


Surface Water Sampling:


Swing Sampler

Reach out and take liquid samples from a distance of 2.4m